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Series : Equinox - Channel 4 UK

Show title : Black Holes

First shown : 8th Sep 1997

Catalogue Number :
Year: 1997
Production Company: ABC Science Unit
Producer: Richard Smith
Director: Richard Smith
Writer: Richard Smith
International Sales: ABC Content Sales
Channel 4 International
Status: Completed
Duration: 50 mins
Cast: Narrated by John Hurt

The story of Black Holes - what they are, where we may find them, and how we may harness their energy to journey through time and space.

Narrated by actor John Hurt and directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker Richard Smith, the program is a journey into interstellar space to explore these mysterious "prisons of light", via an imaginary computer-generated space ship. Guides for the journey include Professor Stephen Hawking, Britain's Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees, and Homer Simpson. The program also examines the history surrounding black holes, from the first conception of them in 1859 to the present day.

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